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Honeywell Thermostat Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat Wireless YTL9160AR1000


Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Information
Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat



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Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat

The Honeywell YTL9160AR1000 Wireless EConnect Line Voltage Programmable Thermostat to monitor and control the temperature in your home.

YTL9160AR1000 Wireless Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat

Product Description of this kit includess Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module can support a maximum load of 3000W at 240V and can be used to control convectors, baseboards and also fan forced heaters.

+ Features – Wireless Installation to eliminates opening walls for system or control upgrade.

+ Precise Temperature Control – on the wall where it belongs for all optimal sensing and comfort.

+ Electronic Programmable Thermostat for enables energy savings of up to 33%

+ User-friendly, Plain-language Interface – easy to adjust your schedule settings.

+ Compatible Wireless Accessories – for more comfort and convenience.


Application – Electric Heating Application with Baseboard heater

Application – Fan-forced Heater or Convector.

Programmability – 5-2 Day or 7 Day Programmable.

Color Thermostat: White.

Antenna: Light Almond or White.

Power Method Thermostat: Battery Power Method.

EIM: Hardwired Switching Action SPST.

Dimensions (in.) Thermostat: 5.13 inches, high x 3.22 inches, wide x 1.14 inches.

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