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Leviton Thermostat RC-2000WH Hai Omnistat2 Multistage, Heat Pump Humidity Control, White

The Leviton Thermostat RC-2000WH Hai Omnistat 2 with Multistage and Heat Pump Humidity Control Thermostat features variable speed fan control, can control dual fuel and also two-speed heat pumps with third stage auxiliary heat.

This Hai thermostat is a two-stage conventional thermostat that can control oil, steam, gas, hydronic, radiant, forced air, and electric with features humidifier and dehumidifier system control with humidity sensing and display built-in.

Hai Omnistat 2 thermostats are the generation of programmable communicating thermostats with provide precise digital temperature control over HVAC system.

Hai Omnistat2 thermostats use advanced digital technology to learn your heating and cooling schedules of your home to control the equipment for comfort and maximum efficiency.

Hai Omnistat 2 thermostats have an automatic heat and cool changeover without any manual operation and more the fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort and it do not require batteries to retain settings and time.

You may select the backlight with customizable backlight color options to one of over one hundred customizable backlight colors.

Hai Omnistat2 thermostats have a proximity or motion detector so that its screen lights up when it is approached and making it easy to adjust in the dark of the night.

It can show outdoor temperature and humidity with a graphical display of HVAC usage/energy consumption by week and also has a filter reminder for peak efficiency.

The Hai Omnistat 2 may be used either stand-alone or with a home control system.

Hai Omnistat2 thermostats allow you to operate a different program option for every day of the week and the settings for the thermostat can be controlled via events so that occur in the house, like the setting of the alarm system.

Additionally, the home control system has automatic temperature system setbacks for Home, Night, Vacation and Away.

Finally, when used with an HAI Omnistat 2 thermostat home control system for full control of thermostat becomes available on a keypad or console and a key aspect of in-home comfort such as Omni Touch family touchscreens, telephones with voice response, users can operate it via remote control, personal computer, mobile device and by hand or over the Internet network using software from HAI by Leviton Thermostat.


White Rodgers Sensi UP500W Emerson Sensi Thermostat with Wifi, White

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Emerson Sensi Thermostat

White Rodgers Sensi UP500W Emerson Sensi Thermostat with WiFi

The White Rodgers WiFi Thermostat product of The UP500W Emerson Sensi WiFi Thermostat brings together of quality and experience with 21st century technology provides stay connected to home comfort from anywhere by using the free Sensi app to remotely home control your thermostat from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Emerson Sensi Thermostat.

Easy to set and control your heating and cooling system schedule with 7 independent day from app programming options.

Emerson Sensi WiFi Thermostat help users save up to 30 percent in energy costs when adjusting their thermostat schedules around their lives.

And because White Rodgers Sensi is built by Emerson for precision control is at your fingertips with unique cycle rate settings, Emerson Sensi Thermostat will keep the desired temperature to within +/- 1 Degree F that a challenge for many other thermostats with wifi on the market.

The Emerson Sensi WiFi Thermostat features a sleek low-profile design with built-in humidity sensor, add DIY installation is made simple for users with an online compatibility tool at with easy step-by-step in-app instructions.

The Emerson Sensi WiFi Thermostat does not require a C wire in most applications that it works with more heating and cooling systems than any other Thermostats with wifi…….by Emerson Sensi Thermostat.


Honeywell C7189U 1005 Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor for Th7000 Th8000 Thermostats

Honeywell C7189U 1005

Honeywell C7189U 1005 Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor Th7000 Th8000 Thermostats Information

Honeywell C7189U 1005 Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor White

Honeywell C7189U 1005 White Remote Indoor Temperature Sensor Feature for Th7000 Th8000 Thermostats

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