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Lux Thermostat TX1500E Programmable Smart Temp Thermostat


Lux TX1500E Thermostat


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Lux TX1500E Thermostat Programmable Smart Temp Thermostat

The Lux TX1500 E Temp Smart Programmable Thermostat Product Description of Lux Smart Temp to reduce your energy costs and protect the environment with the Lux Products TX1500E Smart Temp Thermostat.

This easy-to-use smart home thermostat allows you to adjust your home’s temperature to suit your comfort level and schedule.

This smart programmable thermostat can save energy with reduce your utility expenses because it lets you raise or lower temperature settings during off-peak hours.

Lux Thermostat TX1500E Smart Temp Thermostat Programmable.

The graphic filter lift monitor shows remaining filter life in either calendar days or percent remaining.

The thermostat clearly shows the day, temperature,time and filter status.

Store temporary programs for weekends, holidays and also vacations.

Lux TX1500E Thermostat

Use with Most Systems
The Lux TX1500 E can be an energy-efficient choice which can save up approximately 33% on energy bills.

It comes pre-programmed with default energy-conservation heating and cooling schedule that’s designed to save up to $180 in energy costs the first year.

The TX1500E thermostat smart works with most 24-volt heating and air-conditioning systems, single-stage cooling and heating,including heat pumps without auxiliary or emergency heat, central air, and Millivolt wall heaters or gas fireplaces.

Easily Use Programming Options
This smart home thermostat is very easy to set/use with a large electroluminescent screen display that clearly shows the current day, temperature,time and filter status.

A basic push of the soft-touch “H” button on the front panel which show the relative humidity in the room in addition to the room temperature for checking humidity levels.

Special programming features allow you to store temporary programs that can be used for vacations, long weekends, and holidays.

Additionally, the Lux TX1500 E options a patented speed dial that lets you to easily and quickly program up to four different periods per day is morning, afternoon, night, and evening.

For more flexibility combines convenience and efficiency, you can program each of separately a different schedule for weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays setting.

And especially to the keyboard lockout feature, the TX1500E thermostat is great for households with children or other potential unauthorized users.

Convenient Graphic Filter Life Indicator
For extra convenience, the 100% mercury-free TX1500E thermostat uses a graphic filter usage monitor that lets you to operate filter usage limits from zero to 180 days in 30-day increments, with 365 days in duration.

The remaining filter life can be showed in either calendar days or percent remaining, in addition to being display with a graphical filter monitor indicator by Lux TX1500E Thermostat.