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Works Venstar T6800 ColorTouch Commercial Thermostat Great

Unbelievable Venstar T6800 Commercial Thermostat Product of Venstar T6800 Color Touch Screen Thermostat Commercial is a multi-functionnl, easy-to-use, richly featured and programmable touch screen thermostat.

The Venstar Color Touch Commercial has a built-in 365-Day feature with automatic national holidays and more programmable daylight savings mode.

This ColorTouch thermostat also acts as an Advertisement Display in the commercial environment with the ability to scroll through up to 100 customizable digital advertisements for the retailer.

Product Features and Benefits:

* 365-Day Programmable Customizable, Advertisement Display using business’ own photos and Built-in commercial wallpaper themes to Customizable faceplates to match office décor.

* Passcode Security with Min and Max temperature limits,plus Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, alerts.

* Using ColorTouch Assistant software make configuring fast and easy, SD Memory Card makes import and export between thermostats easy “Simple as You Want” operation allows businesses customize thermostat info.

* Option Scheduler makes office temperature comfortable, Screen allows users see temperature and heating and cooling status, Automatically adjust screen backlighting with nighttime dimmer.

* Energy usage information at the user’s fingertips with Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, massage, alerts and more Accessible over the internet enabled through the use of ACC0454 Wifi Internet Key.

* Terminals of G, Y1, W1/O/B, R, C, W2, Y2, W3.

*Can controls the Venstar Color Touch thermostat were thoughtfully laid out to found its use intuitive and engaging.

* Schedule Heat and Cool Indicators display “at-a glance” information on heating and cooling option, so you can easily see if the air conditioning and heating  equipment is on included Optional Outdoor Temperature Sensor –by the Venstar Programmable Thermostat