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Trane Energy Management Remote Home Thermostat

Trane Energy Management Remote Home Thermostat Info

Trane Remote Control Energy Management Thermostat

The Trane Remote Controlled Thermostat

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Schlage LiNK is a brilliant system that enhances your home’s comfort with your family’s peace of mind, Be Secure, Informed and Efficient when away from home.

The Trane Energy Management Remote Home Thermostat Product Description

Trane and Schlage have come together to bring a level of peace of mind to homeowners for control the powerhouses of home heating, cooling with safety.

The Trane Remote Controlled Thermostat completes and enhances the home cooling, heating system by allows remote access through the Schlage LiNK interface.

Trane thermostat paired with a Schlage LiNK bridge gives homeowners the ability to remotely manage energy, their home’s temperature and save money by reducing energy consumption.

Setting to save up to 15% on heating and cooling bills by use the energy savings schedule.


Wireless Phone and Computer Interface

A user-friendly interface is the heart of the Schlage LiNK solution lets you control these devices in ways that give you complete command, even when you’re not at home yourself and makes it easy to take advantage of all that Schlage LiNK has to offer.

You’re in control your Z-Wave home remotely from simply log on to your computer, home’s wireless network or the internet enabled from anywhere in the world and even through cell phone.

You can adjust your thermostat and get alerts with just a few simple clicks.

Access your system remotely by most web-enabled, computers, cell phones with this service, homeowners can also email alerts or receive text when adjustments are made to their thermostat or when it is time for maintenance.

This package only includes 1 Trane Z Wave thermostat.

A Schlage LiNK bridge are available in Schlage LiNK starter kits, a bridge is required for full functionality.

Schlage LiNK Benefits

  • Remotely monitor to control your thermostat from anywhere.
  • Utilize advanced thermostat features by the Schlage LiNK web portal.
  • Receive email alerts or text messages when it is time for maintenance or when adjustments are made to your thermostat.
  • Easy to program the thermostat through the Schlage LiNK web portal; 7-day programmable thermostat and up to 4 settings per day.
  • Create a home Z-Wave network within your house that securely connects this Trane remote thermostat to the Internet and also control other Z-Wave devices.
  • Full AES 128-bit encryption at the microchip level.
  • Web-based access means greater peace of mind, even where you travel.
  • The system is flexible and scalable to allowing you to add up to 232 devices to your home Z-Wave network by the Trane Remote Home Thermostat Energy Management.

Remote Home Thermostat

Remote Home Thermostat

Trane Remote Controlled Thermostat Energy Management Feature