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Wow! Nuheat Signature WiFi Touch Screen Electric Floor Heat Thermostat Incl. 15 Ft Floor Sensor Wire 120/240v Great Product.

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Nuheat Signature Thermostat


High Tech Floor Thermostat — Nuheat Signature Touch Screen Electric Floor Heat Thermostat with WiFi Incl. 15 Ft Floor Sensor Wire 120/240v Product of Nuheat Signature 7 Day Programmable WiFi Thermostat for Electric Floor Heating with base board heater applications includes remote manage capability via Android, Apple iOS or website.

The web portal with apps provide significant direct control over all important features so the Nuheat Signature does not include Home Automation connectivity.

** The Nuheat Signature Thermostat controls new installation of most floor heating systems.

Really Nice Nuheat Signature Wi-Fi Touch Screen Electric Floor Heat Thermostat Floor Sensor Wire 120/240v Product.

Easy to upgrading an existing floor heating system and Nuheat Signature is a direct replacement for virtually all electric floor heating thermostats as long as they use a 10k ohms sensor that most stats do.

With Safe UL approved 15 Amp Class A GFCI protection built-in for 120v & 240v and 3 Year warranty.

White high gloss finish meets most décor which only available in white.

Easy set-up wizard and test mode lets you started whether it’s a new install or upgrade and the Signature Nuheat Thermostats can be used to control baseboard heaters and other line voltage heating sources too.

Note– the Signature thermostat does not regulate air temperature quite as well as the normal TRIAC base board thermostats because its cycle time is 15 minutes vs.15 seconds that a shorter time means less temperature swings.

The Signature thermostat like as all floor heating thermostats has a mechanical relay which switches the floor on and off in 15-minute intervals with a slight clicking sound when cycling.

By typical base board heaters use a TRIAC thermostat that operate on 15-second cycles and also have a silent electronic relay.

Choose the Signature for electric baseboard heater control because the added features — WiFi connectivity, color touch screen, aesthetics and more, outweigh the difference in cycle time by Nuheat Signature Thermostat.