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Lux WIN 100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Thermostat Outlet Plug In


The Lux WIN100 Plug-In Thermostat Programmable Thermostat OutLet is a heating or cooling programmable thermostat for electric space heaters or window air conditioners.

It having to be plugged into a normal household receptacle outlet.

The thermostat electrical Rating is 120 volt, 15 Amp.

Lux WIN100 Programmable Outlet Thermostat Heating & Cooling Controlled

Lux WIN100 Plug-In Thermostat

Lux WIN 100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Thermostat Outlet Details

It provides accurate digital temperature control while saving energy with regular weekdays and weekends can be programmed differently.

Our unique, user-friendly Speed Dial System allows a beginner to get expert results.

The Lux WIN100 is armchair programmable that means you can adjust it without it being plugged into the wall.

Pre-set with a typical energy saving program with the innovative WIN100 thermostat also offers easy reprogramming to fit any lifestyle by Heating & Cooling Programmable Electrical Outlet Lux WIN100 Plug-In Thermostat.

Lux WIN100 Plug-In Thermostat

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Lux WIN100 Thermostat Heating & Cooling Programmable Thermostat Outlet Plug In

Lux WIN100 Plug-In Thermostat.


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