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Great Universal Hunter 44157 5/2-Day Digital Programmable Thermostat Value

AWESOME! Universal Hunter 44157 5/2-Day Digital Programmable Thermostat Product

Easy Universal Hunter 44157 5/2-Day Programmable Thermostat Feature

Hunter Touchscreen Thermostat

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Easy Universal Hunter 44157 5/2-Day Digital Programmable Thermostat Install.

Works Hunter Thermostat Hunter 44157 Universal 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Great.

The Universal Hunter 44157 5/2-Day Digital Programmable Thermostat Hunter Thermostat.

The 44157 universal Hunter programmable thermostat is compatible on all system types and was specially designed to install easily, work effortlessly and installation can be completed in five minutes or less with no anchors or drilling required and screwless color-coded wire terminals with a built-in level bulb and all-purpose screws.

The patent-pending programming interface lets users to program this Hunter thermostat in 25 percent fewer steps than other similar thermostats.

Come with convenient 7-day programming capabilities allow users to customize programs to meet their lifestyles and habits with its high-contrast white LED backlight touchscreen control panel makes it easily visibility than ever to clearly read and program temperatures throughout the home.

Equipped with an energy guide make this Hunter thermostat 44157 provides users instant feedback on energy savings as settings are changed, and also the save away one-touch override maximizes energy, cost-savings opportunities when users are away.

Additional, the home today override keeps homeowners comfortable on days when they’d normally be away from home by 44905 Universal Hunter Thermostat.

Hunter Home Comfort Thermostat


Hunter Home Thermostat, AC, Heat Thermostat



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