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Honeywell Thermostat RTH7500D


Honeywell Thermostat RTH7500D

Good Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Product of Honeywell 7-day programmable thermostat – RTH7500D provides maximum flexibility for busy lifestyles and help save you up to 33% off your energy bills.

Can set it up to adjust the temperature when you are asleep or away and times when you don’t necessarily want to heat or cool your home to optimum comfort with your heating and cooling equipment runs less.

The model # RTH7500D features has a green backlit display with simplified programming and also easy-to-follow text instead of symbols.

  • Large green backlit display with soft-touch button interface.
  • Precise temperature manage of +/-1-degrees F and auto change from heat to cool.
  • Special Honeywell Smart Response technology and filter change reminder with low battery indicator.
  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display and 12 or 24 hour time display.

Simple Honeywell Thermostat RTH7500D to Use

Conventional Honeywell RTH7500D 7-Day Programmable Thermostat Functions

Perfect Honeywell RTH7500D 7-Day Programmable Thermostat keep your home comfortable and also cash in on energy savings with the RTH7500D Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Thermostat for most applications.

Great designed for quick installation and offering basic push-button controls with an easy-to-read screen, this thermostat allows you control the temperature of your home without having to make more constant manual adjustments.

Efficient  and Convenient for At-Home Comfort
Everyone know that turning down their heat at night saves money, but they hate waking up and also making breakfast in a freezing cold kitchen.

You don’t need to run your AC all day while you’re at work, whilst you want your home to be comfortable when you get home.

That’s perfect a 7 day programmable thermostat makes all the difference.

The customized settings add great comfort to your home with affording you valuable savings on your energy bill.

Every day is unique with this thermostat to enjoy the freedom of pre-programming to meet your different daily needs.

Delivering you the ability to program each day differently with to customize temperatures for four periods per day, while this thermostat makes it easy to heat or cool your home for optimum comfort.

It features Honeywell Smart Response Technology with a feature that enables Auto Changes from Heating to Cooling, and continually adjust the pre-heating or cooling of your home for effective results with precise comfort control within one-degree F of your desired temperature.

Featuring a conventional layout and control buttons with a large viewing screen, along with an easy-to-set menu-driven programming, make this thermostat is simple to use and setup.

For those who like touchscreen control, Honeywell also offers the RTH7600D model.

An Easy Way to Save Energy & Money
This RTH7600D thermostat offers you the ability to save up to 33-percent on annual heating and cooling costs, If programmed as directed (but savings may depend on the geographic region you live in with your energy usage).

For more convenience, the thermostat device can be run using battery power or using power from your heating and cooling system, giving you the function of permanently eliminating battery changes.

Broad Compatibility, Convenient and Intelligent Features

This thermostat unit delivers permanent day with time settings which are even maintained during power outages, and also it offers the option of automatically adjusting for Daylight Savings Time, as well as a filter change reminder option while can help you keep your heating and cooling system operating at its best.

This Honeywell thermostat is compatible with a broad range of 24-volt heating and also air conditioning systems, including both single-stage, multi-stage heating and cooling systems, heat pumps with and without auxiliary (back-up), gas fireplaces, heat and heating only or cooling only systems.

It does not compatible with electric baseboard heat (120-240 Volts).

This device is backed by a one-year limited warranty by Honeywell RTH7500 Thermostat.

Fully personalized temperature control make your household enjoys comfort day and night.

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Honeywell Thermostat RTH7500D


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